The Gran Sasso mountains are a great destination, full of wonderful places, woods and waterfalls, with exceptional vegetation and exciting wildlife. We must be careful to keep this magical part of the world safe, as well as ourselves when visiting.


It is strictly forbidden to throw away cigarette butts (also out of our car window) or to light a fire unattended! These can start wild fires, especially in summer when the weather is particularly hot and often windy.


If you spot a fire, immediately call emergency number 1515 or 115 and make sure you get to a safe place.


In the mountains it is important to always be careful and cautious, especially when going for a hike. Be well prepared and choose a route suited to your physical and technical abilities. Before you start, read the local weather forecast and, during your hike, always keep an eye on the weather which can change quickly and unexpectedly in the mountains, especially in the afternoon.


Make sure to wear suitable shoes and appropriate clothing. Always carry extra food and clothing to be prepared for an emergency. Do not forget to bring enough water. Avoid embarking on a mountain hike alone. If you do, let someone know where you plan to go and when you expect to be back.


Follow the path, avoid shortcuts and pay attention to the signs along the way. Do not disturb the environment around you. If you happen to come across an animal, respect its territory and do not scare it. Take any rubbish with you and leave nothing behind.


General Emergency: 112
Police: 113
Fire Services: 115
Finance Police: 117
Medical Emergency: 118
Forest Rangers: 1515
Children’s Helpline (Telefono Azzurro): 19696
Crisis Unit – Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 0636225
Public Health Emergency: 1500
Traffic Information CCISS: 1518
Roadside Assistance: 803116
Coast Guard: 1530