Health and territory, new medical center in Castel Castagna

Health and territory, new medical center in Castel Castagna



The new territorial medicine health unit of the Asl of Teramo in Castel Castagna will be inaugurated on Friday 24 February, at 3.30 pm, in the presence of the President of the Abruzzo Region, Marco Marsilio, the Councilor for Health Nicoletta Verì, the Director General of the Asl of Teramo Dr.

Maurizio Di Giosia and many representatives of the institutions.

"A project that began when I was a member of the Select Committee of Mayors at the Asl of Teramo. I immediately felt the need for territorial medicine health facilities in internal areas that are often lacking and distant from the larger centers", said the mayor of Castel Castagna, Rosanna De Antoniis. "In recent years, thanks to intense work between the Municipality and the ASL of Teramo, what was an idea has become a reality".

An Asl health center of local medicine that will be close to citizens and will avoid overloading hospital facilities, providing a first aid service. Initially local doctors will be present, who will alternate from Monday to Friday from 8 to 14. Blood samples will be taken one day a week. Two nurses will also be present and specialist doctors such as orthopedists and cardiologists will be added later. "I thank the Director General Di Giosia for having strongly wanted and supported this initiative which will be at the service not only of our municipality but of the entire Sicilian Valley area", continues the Mayor.

"Thanks to Dr. Valerio Profeta, a valid representative of the internal areas who has never lacked his support in all the obligations that we have mutually had to face in recent years. Thanks to the doctors and nurses who have given their willingness to support of a structure that will be a valid point of reference for the area. I have always maintained, together with my administration, that the internal areas represent a great opportunity", concludes the Mayor.