Dogs are welcome in our mountains, but do need to be on a lead at all times. They are only allowed in natural areas, parks, public places and accommodation when explicitly stated. You are advised to bring a muzzle with you as a precaution. Italian law requires that you pick up your dog's poo and take it away with you.


Our countryside is precious and we want to preserve it. We expect visitors to respect the wildlife in our mountains, not to challenge them nor try to approach or feed them. Familiarise yourself with the do's and don'ts of the area that you are in. Do not stray of the paths and never leave any rubbish behind!


In this area household waste is separated at home for recycling and is collected door-by-door every morning according to a fixed schedule. Some towns have special bins or recycling stations for batteries and medicines. If you are staying in self-catering accommodation in the area, make sure you know how to separate your household waste and when it is collected. Please note that dumping waste and dropping litter is illegal.

Recycling Stations


– SP37a, 12 – 64041 Colledoro (TE) | GPS: 42.51505468 – 13.72992712
– Via Roma, 34 – 64045 Isola del Gran Sasso d’Italia (TE) | GPS: 42.50208143 – 13.65951752
– Località Pretara, 137 – 64045 Pretara (TE) | GPS: 42.48384572 – 13.66745743
– C.da Faiano – 64041 Castelli (TE) | GPS: 42.495369 – 13.70871877
– C.da S.Gabriele, 213 – 64045 Isola del Gran Sasso d’Italia (TE) | GPS: 42.51260146 – 13.65715955


If you meet a wild animal on a road or mountain path, by car or on foot, DO NOT follow or chase it! Curiosity and admiration cannot justify the stress and fear it causes an animal. It is important to realise that this can create a dangerous situation. When an animal panics, it will become unpredictable and may act aggressively. Respect the animals in their natural habitat and you will be safe!


The currency in Italy is the Euro. In most shops, restaurants and accommodation you can pay by credit or debit card. Check the sticker displayed outside for information on accepted cards. Still, bring some cash with you for smaller purchases, especially from local craftsmen and artisans. We would not want you to leave without a taking a souvenir home with you! You will find ATMs / cashpoints / bancomat in many places.