Prati di Tivo plants, we start again from the Persia brothers

Prati di Tivo plants, we start again from the Persia brothers

The entrepreneurs of Tottea invited by the liquidator of the Gst to sign the purchase deed from the notary on the basis of 1.5 million. The deal was interrupted by Finori's lawsuit

TERAMO – The return of the Prati di Tivo cable car seat by Marco Finori to the Gran Sasso Teramano, in addition to closing the chapter of the entrepreneur from Sambenedettese, perhaps opens that of the Persia brothers. The Tottea di Crognaleto company has received the note from the liquidator, Gabriele Di Natale, who invites him to proceed, through the notaries Teresa De Rosa and Luca Vitale, with the signing of the public deed of transfer of the Gst business branch.

The note was also sent for information to the shareholders of Gran Sasso. The process of selling the Prati di Tivo ski lifts (except for the cable car seat) and Pratoselva has therefore resumed, interrupted by Finori's appeal to the judges. It will be recalled that to unblock the dramatic moment of paralysis of the dispute, and after Finori failed to present himself before the notary to sanction the purchase, the Gst decided to turn to the runner-up in the tender. But when a turning point seemed close, the surprise: the entry of the Persia brothers, who had declared their willingness to take over the purchase, based on the offer taken as a reference, i.e. 1.5 million euros.

The Persias would also have taken over the agreement with the Province to use the cable car seat (which is owned by the Authority) and start the relaunch of the two Teramo mountain tourist resorts. What happened next is known history. With an appeal to the Tar (which in June of last year then declared itself incompetent with respect to the civil judge) Finori blocked the transfer procedure to Tottea's company, effectively paralyzing all attempts to proceed further, with other judicial oppositions.

It is clear that in the invitation to proceed with the stipulation of the deed of sale, he also notifies the Persia brothers of the existence of a judicial request by Finori for the conservative seizure of the plants. It is paradoxically true, however, that should the Persias withdraw due to its existence, the Gst could plead a subsequent claim for damages against Finori.

But everyone, from operators to residents, administrators and enthusiasts, expects the procedure to restart and see at least the gondola lift seat 'run' this summer under the new management of the Persias.