We are proud that our small and now sparsely populated Valley has some interesting museums to offer. For further reading please check out the Art section on this website. Below you will find a short list of our museums.

Museo Stauròs di Arte Sacra Contemporanea

The Stauròs Museum of Contemporary Sacred Art


It opened in 1973 as the first museum of its kind in Italy and is located in the Sanctuary of San Gabriele, in Isola del Gran Sasso. It houses works by numerous internationally renowned artists in its permanent collection, as well as in temporary exhibitions.


It also houses some works of local ecclesiastical heritage, removed from their original sites because of recent earthquakes. In addition, there are other collections of various kinds and an artistic nativity scene.


From Monday to Sunday 10.00-12.30 | 14.30-19.00

Museo di Artigianato-Arte-Comunicazione

Museum of Handicraft-Art-Communication


Housed in the Palazzo Marchesale in Tossicia, this museum was created to collect and stage the culture and history of the “people of the Gran Sasso”. It also houses a permanent exhibition of paintings by the famous naif painter Annunziata Scipione, whose art is a testimony of peasant life in our and similar areas in Abruzzo.


Unfortunately, the museum has been closed since 2009 due to earthquake damage to a part of the building, which also used to be the town hall.


Closed due to restauration in progress.


Museum of Ceramics


The Museum of Ceramics in Castelli is housed in the old Franciscan convent of the Order of Friars Minor, which dates back to the mid-sixteenth century. The convent operated until 1866, then it was used as a deposit. It later housed the first nucleus of the F. A. Grue Art School and became a museum in 1984.


It is impossible to describe the riches of this place in just a few lines, but the least we can say is that this is where the original tiles of the ceiling of the San Donato church (‘the Sistine Chapel of Majolica’) can be admired since its restoration in the 1970s.


Only in summer at weekends, 10.00-13.00 | 15.30-18.30

Museo Centro per le Acque del Gran Sasso

The Eco-Museum of Gran Sasso’s Waters


Located at the Scuola Verde in San Pietro, near Isola del Gran Sasso, this museum offers visitors a particular didactic-exploratory experience of the natural and human environment of the Park, reflecting on the value of “water” as a natural resource: irreplaceable and, unfortunately, exhaustible.


The centre at S. Pietro is not only a museum with a message, it is also a reference point in the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park for research, study, and observation of the waters in different ecosystems. In addition, it offers a path in the woods of about one kilometer, which has been created especially for blind people.


Open only by appointment