Locanda San Michele

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Open for dinner every night, and lunch on Saturdays
Air-conditioned room
Dogs welcome
A-la-carte menu
Vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu
Take-away service
Credit cards accepted


A new and nicely-furnished restaurant in rustic/modern style, with an intimate and comfortable atmosphere, providing indoor and outdoor seating in a countryside location. Gianluca, the owner, has given Locanda San Michele a personal touch, using only top-quality ingredients, combined with a good selection of international wines and spirits.
He has become well-known for organising live-music evenings with sushi and sparkling wines, and wine tastings paired with refined and well-balanced food to create interesting gastronomic combinations.

Bar Pizzeria da Marino

Via San Gabriele, 66 – 64045 Isola del Gran Sasso d’Italia (TE)


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Open Monday-Sunday 06:00-24:00


Credit cards accepted
Indoor and outdoor seating
Breakfast, lunch, pizza (take-away and home delivered), birthday parties, drinks with fingerfood, room with Sky tv and bar
Dogs welcome


The historic local Bar Pizzeria da Marino is located just above the Sanctuary of San Gabriele, a stone’s throw from the center.
It has recently been refurbished by its new owner Remo in a young and modern style. It is open from early morning until late in the evening, catering for breakfast, lunch, aperitifs, etc. The pizzeria is always on the ready and pizza can be enjoyed indoor, outdoor, taken away or delivered at home.
Its selection of beers and outdoor space, makes this bar a good place in Isola del Gran Sasso for a live-music evening or a small party.

Pizzeria Stuzzicheria Le Delizie del Sud

Via Nuova – 64041 Colledara (TE)


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Open for dinner
Lunch only by reservation
Closed on Sundays
Dogs welcome
Credit cards accepted (also American Express)
Take-away and home delivery
Outdoor seating
When booked in advance, we also cater for special needs, such as vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free


Just outside the centre of Colledara (where the famous “porchetta” comes from), you will find this welcoming family-run restaurant, where they serve Pizza with a capital P! It also has a large garden with tables to enjoy your pizza with a full view of the Gran Sasso.
Vincenzo is a master pizzaiolo with 25 years of experience. You could say he has flour in his blood! He manages to combine old traditions and modern cuisine, using high-quality ingedients, with excellent results!
The menu also includes different snacks, like “arancini” (fried rice balls) and, of course, the Abruzzo specialty “arrosticini” (mutton skewers).


Try the famous “calzetta”: a closed pizza with porchetta, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, onion and …..
This is a good example of an unexpected combination: using the untouchable porchetta as the co-star in a more structured dish, with a tasty, succulent, balanced and fresh result.

Ristorante Pizzeria La Cantina degli Antichi Mestieri

Via San Gabriele, 199 – 64045 Isola del Gran Sasso d’Italia (TE)


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Dining room with sanitised air 24 hours a day
Dogs welcome
A-la-cart or tourist menu
If booked in advance, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes
Arrosticini and grill-room also at lunchtime, pizzeria for dinner
Indoor and outdoor seating
Always open for lunch and dinner
Take-away and home delivery service
Credit cards accepted


The Cantina degli Antichi Mestieri is located on the avenue of the Sanctuary of San Gabriele, and enjoys a full view of the Monte Camicia.
Irene and Simone are both originally from Castelli, and are passionate about the mountains, local traditions and, of course, the typical food and drink of their territory. They opened La Cantina degli Antichi Mestieri 10 years ago, transforming their passion into a real job.
They are almost obsessive in their search for authentic and high-quality ingredients and have a thorough knowledge of typical local products. They serve traditional dishes with a twist, adding sometimes unusual ingredients, with truly unique and surprising results.
Irene and Simone were joined by MODI’ a few years ago, a Sicilian pizzaiolo artist, who creates real works of art to be devoured with your eyes… before getting your teeth in! Certainly worth a try.

Arrosticini El Guirero

S.P. 41A – Località Azzinano – 64049 Tossicia (TE)


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Typical local pasta dishes can be booked in advance
Credit cards accepted (no American Express)
Take-away and home delivery service
Dogs welcome
Open every day for dinner
Lunch only by reservation
Indoor and outdoor seating


Rustic and welcoming place with tables inside and outside, to spend a fun evening until late at night, with good beer and good food. The menu includes various types of good-quality meat skewers (small ones with mutton or liver and bigger ones), burgers, bruschetta with fried cheese and many other delicacies.
Valentina and her staff will give you a warm welcome and guarantee a wonderful evening.
Try the “arrosticini di ventricina”: just a taste … and experience an explosion of flavour!

Bar Pizzeria Panetta Romeo

Via Roma, 22 – 64045 Isola del Gran Sasso d’Italia (TE)


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Open every day from 07.00 to 22.00
Credit cards accepted
Home delivery service


Located in the centre of Isola del Gran Sasso, this bar caters for all the needs of its customers. It has indoor and outdoor tables and has dedicated spaces for breakfast or a quick lunch. The quality of the food and its professional service make Bar Panetta Romeo a point of reference in town, where it is also known for its super aperitifs, pizza and kebab.

Bar Flacco

Via Settimio Costantini, 20 – 64045 Isola del Gran Sasso (TE)


Credit cards accepted

Accessible for the disabled

Always open from 5.30 a.m.

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Closed on Thursdays
Aperitif, Cocktails, indoor and outdoor seating
Dogs welcome


Right on the road that leads to the main square of Isola del Gran Sasso, you will find Bar Flacco, a historic local monument that has always been at the centre of this town’s social life.
It has a covered outdoor area, with tables and chairs, so you can have breakfast or an aperitif outdoors, even in winter.
Riccardo and his family are great hosts and will make your break truly enjoyable. Recommended.