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The Sicilian Valley is the first valley on the Teramo side in the Abruzzo region, on the northern side of the Gran Sasso; the valley of the Mavone river.

Let’s start with the origins of the historical name ‘Valle Siciliana’: these remain an mystery, even to local historians, since the name appears to refer to Sicily, which is a long way from here.

Some think that ‘Valle Siciliana’ is the result of a spelling mistake: an error crept in over time, stopped being recognised as such and has become the accepted name. As a matter of fact, this was where the Via Caecilia passed, connecting Rome to Giulianova (Castrum Novum) in Roman times. Perhaps someone called this Valle Caeciliana, someone else transcribed it as Valle Siciliana (“Siliciana” has also been found) and time has done the rest.

We embrace this theory, because it is an example of how things can change from a philosophical point of view, and also because it reminds us of the historical importance of this area. After all, this valley is only a stone’s throw from the Via Salaria, one of the most important roads of Italy in Roman times, essential for the salt trade.

This story about its historical name is only an introduction to our interesting and beautiful valley. Please let us guide you and together explore the history, culture, traditions, food and people in the five municipalities that make up this valley.</ span>

Valle siciliana
Valle siciliana

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